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These policies are subject to change at any time without notice.MESU Bait Company, LLC acknowledges that “Lazer TroKar”, TroKar “T”, descriptive designs and all versions of said logo are trademarks of the Wright & McGill Co.  MESU Bait Company, LLC is hereby granted the licensed right to use the trademarks “Lazer TroKar” and the “T” design” but only to designate hooks purchased under this Agreement, which are used with MESU Bait Company, LLC lures.  No other items shall bear these trademarks. Lures must be targeted at the premium market.  In conjunction with identifying such hooks on MESU Bait Company, LLC package, MESU Bait Company, LLC will use only the specific trademarks and descriptive logo designations found on accompanying Appendix A to identify MESU Bait Company, LLC usage of ‘Lazer TroKar’ and the TroKar ‘T’ designs.  All uses of the licensed trademarks in all marketing contexts shall also clearly indicate that the trademarks are owned by Wright & McGill Co., namely:  “Lazer TroKar” and the TroKar “T” design” are trademarks of the Wright & McGill Co.  MESU Bait Company, LLC shall submit samples to Wright & McGill Co. for approval, and MESU Bait Company, LLC shall not make any use of the trademarks which are objected to by Wright & McGill Co.  MESU Bait Company, LLC acknowledges and agrees that Wright & McGill Co. in its sole discretion, has the right to immediately terminate this Agreement if Wright & McGill Co. withholds its approval.  This agreement is limited solely to the “Lazer TroKar” and the TroKar “T” design, trademarks and descriptions and no right to use any other trademark of Wright & McGill Co. is granted hereby.  In addition to the provisions of this Agreement, MESU Bait Company, LLC agrees to the Wright & McGill Co. terms and conditions.  MESU Bait Company, LLC agrees to indemnify Wright & McGill Co. from all claims brought against Wright & McGill Co. which do not arise as a direct and proximate result of defects in the hooks as originally purchased from Wright & McGill Co.  Wright & McGill Co. reserves the right to terminate MESU Bait Company, LLC licensed right to use the trademarks upon sixty-(60) days prior written notice to MESU Bait Company, LLC.               
Raptor Jig U.S. Trademark Application No. 85/527,353U.S. Patent Application No. 61/613,596
​Title: Collared Fishing Lure with Pivotable Hook

CAT TAIL Keeper Spring

The Cat Tail keeper spring is the best keeper spring on the market.  Perfectly gapped to hold the plastic, and the clip means it won't come off your hook like in-line springs can.  We are giving everyone three free springs with every on-line purchase.

Retail:  FREE!!!!!


The MESU In Line Spinner attachment is the perfect accessory for our Swim Raptort. Available in Colorado Gold, Colorado Silver, Willow Gold, and Willow Silver.

Retail: $2.99

Free Shipping on orders over $50 and FREE replacement Cat Tail springs with every On-Line order