The Patriot reel is the perfect bait caster for the everyday angler.  8+1 ball bearing, 6.3 gear ratio, centrifugal braking system, and Instant Anti-reverse System make this an unbelievable reel for under $100.  

Crappie Down flutter spoon

Gizzardo is a great gizzard shad look

Golden Boy was designed to look like a golden shiner

2014 was and amazing year for Rick Woods and Bobbie Guinn. They won the Nichols Championship on Grand. And three weeks later, the XFL Championship on Eufala in OK. They pursed a new Ranger Z119C and $35000. In both tournaments, they were using the ¾ ounce MESU Wobble Head and ½ ounce Cocky Rooster.

By popular demand, the Spring Chicken is now available in Poop Brown (online store only)

The already famous Wobble Head is now available in Purple (online store only)

New Products For 2016

This jig has a TroKar TK 120 4/0 hook.  The plastic trailer is Texas rigged.  And, you can change the hook.  

The Spring Chicken and Cocky Rooster shaky heads have a large 5/0 hook and a free hanging spring.  

The free-hanging jig head lets this buzz bait swim and once that bass is stuck, she is not getting off.

The Bomb Jig a D has a ridiculously sharp, ideally gapped TroKar hook. This flipping jig is meant for the heaviest of cover. 

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MESU stands for 'Make Em Say Uhh'.  The 'Em' in this case is the scale master weighing in your fish.  We want him to strain and make an audible grunt because your bag of fish is so heavy.

MESU is pronounced with a long A, like Mesa, AZ.

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The BoBaD Wobble Head comes with a Trokar TK 120 4/0.  There's a reason why most call it the best.

After 2 years of work, the Swobble Head is here! Mesu Fishing has finally created the perfect jig for the Alabama rig.  Swing-style head with a Texas rigged hook, and priced right!

If the army can have a Black Hawk, so can we

Swim Raptor winning the KS Governor's Cup

On Lake Kissimmee, FL, Edwin Kimbrough had a great day. The little one is almost 7# and the big one weighed 9.73#, and that beast qualified him for the Trophy Catch program in Florida. Of course he won the tournament. Both were caught on a Southern Blue Swim Raptor.

Below is our unbelievably popular REJECTED Company Slogans.  This is meant to be funny, if you offend easily, don't read it.

-If your jig ain't MESU, It's SH*T

-MESU Fishing, Because Three Pounders are for Sucks

-Hot Chicks Dig MESU Jigs.  If you don't like hot chicks, then you're unAmerican, or gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)

-That's Right, We're Chubby Chasers.  Because the big girls need love too- MESU

-MESU, For Those Who Enjoy Huge Sacks

-At MESU Fishing, The Secret Ingredient is LOVE

-MESU Fishing, Fish Like a Gangsta

-Confucius say, "MESU jig on rod, worth heavy bag indeed"

-MESU Fishing, Taking Dumps in Your Mom's Pool since 2011

-With MESU It's So Easy, It's Like Fishing With Dynamite

-MESU, Come Big or Don't Come at All (that's a fishing reference you sick puppies)

-MESU, We're Spreading Like a Bad Rash.  Don't Worry, It's Nothing a Little Penicillin Won't Cure

-MESU, Helping People Who Really Suck Catch Fish

-Tickle Your Pickle with Every Cast, MESU

MESU Flutter Spoons are made of solid brass and powder coated.  They have a Lazer Sharp treble hook  

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At MESU Fishing, it is our goal to produce the absolute best possible jigs.  In order to do that, we have to use great components and innovative design.  This is why we use TroKar hooks in our Wobble Heads and jigs, and why we use UV reflective technology in our powder coat.

Our customers are the tournament bass fishermen.  From the weekend club guys, to the guides and even Elites, these are the anglers that know quality and demand it from their gear.  Nothing gives us more satisfaction than hearing about money won on our lures. 


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